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Grow your Mojo - Mojo Zero Gravity Penis Pump Review

Grow your Mojo - Mojo Zero Gravity Penis Pump Review

  • Cherri Aquelle

Ok I know what you are thinking, how can SHE do a review on a penis pump? And the truth is, I didn’t test the product myself, I enlisted (begged unashamedly for) the help of a very good friend who happens to be the proud owner of his very own penis! He asked that I don’t use his name for the review, so we’ll just call him Bill, like – Rely-a-Bill.

So once it was decided that a review needed to be done, I grabbed one of the bad boys off the warehouse shelf as well as one of our top-selling water based lubes and packaged it just like we would generally do for a delivery, so as to not let any one know that I was in fact carrying around a penis pump,  and headed for Bill’s house where we had arranged to unbox the Mojo Zero Gravity Penis Pump together, so we could discuss first impressions and go over instructions and any questions that Bill may have.

 Bill unwrapped his new package like it was Christmas even though he knew what was inside , he had never used a penis pump before, so he was very curious as to what it looked like and how it functioned.  The pump is made from a sturdy clear plastic that has a blue tint, and it has measurements molded in to the plastic, so you don’t have to worry about the numbers coming off from regular use or cleaning.  The bottom of the plastic cylinder has a rugged looking seal that was surprisingly soft and stretchy and at the opposite end the tube tapered into a little blue hose with a black bulb attached. I particularly liked the look of the pressure release button, it seemed well thought out and user friendly. 

 The one thing we both found a little disappointing was that there really wasn’t much in the way of instructions for the pump so you would do well to do a bit of research on how to use a vacuum penis pump.  And once I had talked Bill through the basics and helped him find some helpful how to articles I left him to get better acquainted with his new best friend.

 A week later Bill and I caught up and he had some interesting notes.  According to him the pump gets a better seal if he uses it with the lube I sent with, he had a bit of trouble getting used to seeing through the tinted plastic in order to gauge his progress while pumping but he found if he was in a well lit room it helped. Overall he was impressed by how easy it was to use and clean when he was done.  When I asked if he noticed any change in size he said that the Zero Gravity helped him achieve impressive erections and that he was keen to see if continued use would in fact increase the size of his penis.

 I’ll check in with Bill again in a few weeks to hear how things are progressing and to find out what tips and hints he has for other beginners like himself.