What Lubricant is the best to use?
It is always bet to use a water-based lubricant with a Silicone Sex Toy. The reason for this is using a Silicone Lubricant with a Silicone Sex Toy will cause the two silicone based products to react against each other making your Sex Toy have a shorter life span.

When you are having normal Sexual Intercourse it is best to use a Silicone Based Lubricant as this will help create less friction and make your time more enjoyable.

What is the difference between Dildos and Vibrators?
The difference between a Dildo and a Vibrator is that a dildo does not have the function to vibrate

What can I use to help Erectile Dysfunction?
We get a lot of men asking what they can use for an erectile dysfunction, Sex Toy Shop SA recommends you use a Penis Pump or Penis Enlarging Cream. We do also have Penis Enlarging Pills available.

Another great way to help with erectile dysfunction is to use a Penis or Cock Ring when you are having Sexual Intercourse. A cock ring sits at the base of your penis cause the blood to stay there for a longer period of time, helping you and your partner get satisfied.

How can we start using Anal Toys in the Bedroom?
The first thing to do when starting with Anal Playis to make sure that both parties are up for it. Sex Toy Shop SA recommends starting small, you can either start with fingering, or you can purchase a Beginners Anal Toy that is no bigger than 0-1 inches in diameter. When starting with Anal Play using a lot of Silicone Based | Relaxing Anal Lube | Warming Lube | Cooling Lube is the best.

Sex Toy Shop SA does also have a Water-based Lubricant specifically made to use with Silicone Anal Toys.